Nursery Facilities

Our Nursery

Our purpose built building has 4 main base rooms plus a dedicated sleep room, sensory room and ICT room.

First Floor – Babies (3 months – 1 year)

Our baby room is very homely and equipped with sensory and natural materials for babies to explore their ever growing senses. We have a separate nappy change area next door to the baby room.

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Our 1-2 year old room is located on our second floor offering a large amount of space ideal for those who are starting to walk!

We have a dedicated sensory room and sleep room next to the main play room.

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Our 2-3’s room is located on the ground floor of our building and children have direct access to our beautiful garden.



Pre-School (3-5 years)

Our Pre-School room is all about ensuring children are becoming independent individuals and making sure they are ready for their transition to school.

Our ICT Room is located adjacent to Pre-School and we use this room fro structured activities with not only the Pre-School room but for all our age groups.

Pre-School have direct access to our beautiful garden.

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We are very lucky to have such a big outside space! The children love to explore our mud kitchen, our growing patch and our mini best investigation area.